ABOUT 31337 80X

Elite Box is a tightly knit group of security researchers, math geeks, artists, chefs, crafters, writers, science, technology, and art enthusiasts who are dedicated to developing a community through access to information, tools, skills, and community involvement. We have a passion to create, to learn, to teach, to grow, and to help people!

Our goal is to develop a community of people based around educating others and learning from each other. We will be conducting classes, for any members who wish to attend, in the realms of science, technology, music, art, cooking, sewing, woodworking, metal working, literature, etc. Basically any member who brings knowledge to our community and is willing to share that knowledge will be allowed a platform to share their wealth and inspiration.

We do have families and believe in a strong moral code as the basis for healthy communities; and as such, we do not endorse pornographic or obscene artistic expression. Beyond that we are here to facilitate all of our respective and collective endeavors to learn, grow, and help others do the same. Come join us!

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